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The course includes:

The course is required for all personnel in the Industrial Radiography business who will be working with Gamma or X-Ray Radiation.

The course includes Radiographic Testing (RT) Basics, Fundamentals of Radiation, RT and Radiation Detecting Equipment, Barricade Calculation, State and Federal Regulations, and Operating Safety.

Yes, our 40-Hour Radiation Safety Course is approved by Texas Department of State Health Service (DSHS). All DSHS-approved courses are recognized by all jurisdictions nationwide, allowing you to work in anywhere in the United States.

The course is designed using a calculated combination of interactive Knowledge Checks, Quizzes, and a Final Exam to ensure you are able to understand, retain, and apply the information necessary to maintain compliance and work safely with radioactive materials and X-Ray-producing equipment.

The course is accessible through an internet-enabled desktop, laptop, or tablet. The course cannot be taken on a mobile device.

  • You must have a notepad and writing utensil
  • You must use a desktop, laptop, or tablet with internet access
  • The minimum resolution required for this course is 1400 x 900
  • The device must have a webcam installed or attached via USB
  • A non-graphing calculator (you cannot use your mobile device’s calculator or one found on an internet enabled device)
  • HD Audio: classic talk-and-text slide format
  • HD Video Demo: first-person screen recording
  • Final Exam: proctored through the webcam by our partners at Examity
  • Interactive Material: subject games, drag-and-drop, Knowledge Checks, Quizzes
  • HD Video showing demonstration of equipment uses and operations will be provided.

Instructors can be reached by phone and email, and are available to help course takers with any portion of the course material. They will provide personalized feedback and remediation for incorrect responses.

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Industry Academy RSOToGo NDT Classroom AINDT In-Person Instruction
Course Fee $599 $600 $1,045 $900 $600-$800
Proctoring Fee $40 $0 $0 $0 $0
Total Education Cost for Residents $639 $600 $1,045 $900 $600-800
Expected Flight and Hotel for Nonresidents None Houston/California + 3 nights lodging None Minnesota + 2 nights lodging Houston + 4 nights lodging
Estimated Cost of Nonresident Travel, based on Daily Rate of $125. $0 $375 $0 $250 $500
Total Education Cost for Nonresidents $639 $975 $1,045 $1,150 $1,100-1,300
TX DSHS Approved Yes No No Yes Depends on Instructor
Meets 40-hour Instruction Requirement Yes Yes No (28) No (36) Yes
Prospective Employer Instruction Required No No Yes(12) Yes(4) No
Taught by Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) Yes No Yes No Depends on instructor
Course Material Delivered Online 100% 50% 70% 90% 0%
Interactive eLearning Yes No No No No
On-Demand Access to Instructor Yes No No No Depends on instructor
Includes HD Video Demonstrations of Real RT Job Site Yes No No No No
Can I Work in RT within a Week from Purchase? Yes No No No Depends on instructor