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The State Test Review Course Includes:

Instructions: a tutorial on how to navigate course contents
Diagnostic Test: assessment test where results are organized by subject, creating a roadmap to help students determine which material to focus on
Review Material: terminology and rule review, including test-taking tips
Review Material: terminology and rule review, including test-taking tips
Math Instruction: instructional videos for each type of calculation
Math Practice Problems: common practice problems that provide feedback based on the answer submitted
Math Practice Problems: common practice problems that provide feedback based on the answer submitted
Retention Games: subject-based games, helping students master the most important points before test day
Retention Games: subject-based games, helping students master the most important points before test day
Discussion Forum: provides current students a place to exchange ideas and collaborate

What Our Students Are Saying:

I passed the State Test with your course. I’m thankful I could access your course through the app while I was working. It helped a lot! Thank you!

-James C.

Hey I got an 89 on my exam. Gotta owe it to your course for making it as easy as possible to brush up on the math and stuff lol.

-Tyler A.

Wife passed thanks Chris!

-William C.

Hey I passed my state test thank you for your course it helped a lot

-Tyler H.

I crammed for the test with your course on the way to Austin and got a 79%, thanks!

-Daniel R.

Dominated the State Test and got an 82%. Glad I had the course to review with, it made it easy.

-Robbie R.

Frequently Asked Questions:

All Agreement State Tests are created from the Texas Industrial Radiographer Certification Examination, except for Georgia’s test. The course will prepare you for the State Tests in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Illinois, Iowa, Alabama, and Maine. While much of the course material is applicable to the ASNT IRRSP Examination, there are enough differences in terminology and math calculations to cause confusion.

Over two (2) decades the State Test has changed to evaluate your ability to take a test, rather than your ability to operate safely with radiation. Each of the past three (3) years, one out of three State Test takers does not get the magic 70% or more on their examination.

The State Test is constantly changed by the test authors searching for the right combination of difficulty, level of detail, and test results. For renewing Radiographers, the State Test has been constantly evolving for the five (5) years since you passed the exam. For first-time State Test takers, preparing for the State Test based on the advice of others has led to an even lower pass rate than the national average.

Failing the State Test is miserable. You feel blindsided and like you should have passed it, and coworkers love to crack jokes at your expense. Most times you do not receive an anticipated pay raise, making every paycheck you receive a reminder of the test. In Texas, it can take over 6 months to take the State Test again!!

Whether you are paying it, or your employer is, retaking the exam costs money that would not be spent if you passed the first time. Another exam costs at least $125, plus the lost work hours and usually travel expenses.

For less than the cost of retaking the State Test, you can make sure you do not have to!!

Yes. Our students have a first-time pass rate of 94% and an average score of 82%.

With the RT industry’s best insights into the State Test, you will be confident ahead of time in knowing what you will experience on Test Day and what you need to do to pass the State Test the first time.

Expert math instruction prepares you for the most difficult subject for most test takers. Test Taking Tips prepare you for the “Trick Questions” in each subject designed to shave points off your test score despite understanding the topic. Refreshing and simplifying the science topics you have not thought about since your last State Test (or 40 Hour Course) will prepare you for the subject with the most test questions. Reviewing the regulations used every day will show you how they are tested in the State Test’s multiple-choice format.

The course is conveniently online and accessible by multiple devices that will keep track of your progress. Most students use our mobile app to study the course around their schedule. Math instruction requires you to hear the video presentation, while non-math subjects do not require audio, making it easy to review on the way to the job site, while on standby, or anywhere you have your phone.

Students using the mobile app average four (4) times their expected study time in the course.

Trick question! The course is self-navigated, meaning you can complete the course material in order OR focus your time on the subjects that are more difficult. The course’s Diagnostic Test provides results by subject, giving you a roadmap for where to spend your study time.

The course includes 10-12 hours of material, depending on how quickly you review. The course includes course navigation, step-by-step instructions for downloading our mobile app, Diagnostic Test, Non-Math Subject Review, Math Instruction, and over 150 Practice Problems, and Games for each subject to keep the information fresh until Test Day.

The Math Instruction is hands down the best available and will have you walking in the State Test like you own the place!!

Taught by a former high school math teacher and Radiation Safety Office (RSO), the Math Instruction assumes the student has forgotten all the math from their 40-Hour Course and builds up the student’s understanding from the ground up. All Math Instruction is presented as a video showing the type of question, reference materials, writing area, and calculator.

Students see math calculations completed exactly how they will be expected to be on the State Test: the work is written out and how it is entered into the calculator.

Over 150 Math Practice Problems provide positive feedback for correct answers and show students where they made their mistake based on the incorrect answer chosen.

For students cramming for the State Test, the course is just $99.99 for two (2) weeks of access.

For students preparing over a longer time, the course is just $124.99 for two (2) months of access.

All course material is included in both price levels.

Study From Your Smart Phone

Our mobile app means you can prepare for the State Review Course from anywhere. On the way to the job site, waiting on the welder at home relaxing, prepare when it is convenient for you.

Our mobile setup process is included in the instruction demo below:


Mobile app access
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App Review Material - Equipment

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